The City of Stockholm

No excuses

About the project
Violence in close relationships and honour-based violence are huge problems in Sweden. That’s why the City of Stockholm opened four Relationship Violence Centres that offer treatment for victims and perpetrators of violence.
Copywriting, Art Direction, UI-design, Development, Motion Graphics, Social Media Management

Taking the first step

Blomquist was given the task of getting people to talk about violence and to provide advice and tips on what you should do if you are worried that someone close to you is a victim of violence, or perpetrating it. And where you can get help – whatever your situation. Someone has to take the first step to stop violence, so that it never happens again.

There are no excuses

The feelings of guilt often become excuses. We focused on these excuses in the headlines: “He told me to shut up, but I just wanted to talk about it”, “Sometimes I see red and I don’t know why” and “Apparently he is this way because of his upbringing”.

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