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Tools that simplify your work

Most people that work within communication have probably felt at some point that the to-do-list contains a bit too many tasks. The ideas get hard to separate and the projects flow together – which colleague was it that wanted that Facebook ad? And who was supposed to create it?
Nowadays there are plenty of tools designed to simplify your work so that it gets smoother, more enjoyable and structuralized. We’ve gathered some of our favorites:


Create “boards” for specific projects where all the members of the project can share their ideas and get a clear view of what’s going on. That way, you don’t have to suffer through long and confusing mail threads where no one knows what’s really going on. You can also create your personal to-do-lists and put them in a priority order or save and categorize ideas.

Tip! Trello is also an excellent tool for personal usage, when you for example are about to renovate the kitchen or plan a trip.


Slack is a chat program that, similar to Trello, makes it easier to communicate within the project groups and create a clearer workflow. The chat threads are categorized and searchable through, for example, the project name, theme, project group and subject. Slack also lets you share your screen, send files or call voice and video calls.

Tip! Create chat groups with different themes and invite a group of colleagues. It could be an inspiration thread for all the communicators at the company where you share good communication that you’ve stumbled upon.


This is the mail tool we use when we send out our newsletter “Become friends with your clients”. It’s easy to use and simple to create nice dispatches with. You can choose between a bunch of predefined templates or design the letter yourself. After each dispatch you make, you get statistics so that you can follow up on the result.


Is your company looking for talents, but having a tough time finding the right people? Then Teamtailor is the thing for you! This recruitment tool helps you create a nice looking career site. Publish the posts that are to be appointed, and Teamtailor will gather all the applications and sort them to make it easier for you to go through and evaluate. User friendly both for you and the candidates!

Tip! Take an extra turn and think about how you want the potential coworker to perceive your brand, company culture and the offer itself. These things are the foundation of the career site! Also make sure to generate traffic to the site from your other channels, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.


Physical activity and mental recuperation increase the productivity and decrease the risk of work-related injuries. This program is developed by a licensed psychologist and reminds you for when it’s time to move around or do breathing and relaxation exercise. You’re guided through the exercises by a small, digital personal trainer.

Tip! Customize your workout depending on which areas of your body that are a little extra tense. If you for example have a problem with your shoulders, your digital trainer gives you exercises that are designed to help with just that.


Hard keeping track of your messages, mails, text messages and chat groups? Franz makes it a little bit easier by gathering all of your communication channels into one app. It supports Slack, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Skype, to name a few.

Tip! Sometimes we need a break from the never-ending tinkles from all the ongoing conversations. Shut down the app when you need to be focused on other things.

Curious about Teamtailor?

Check out our career site and book an introduction meeting with us, and we’ll tell you more!